The many traits and the differing cultures of various races have had an influence upon the beliefs, religion, customs, costumes, cuisine and architecture of Chiang Mai.

During the era of the Mengrai Dynasty, the majority of the population was Tai Yuan or Tai Yon (Yonok), but in 1558 Chiang Mai became a vassal state of Myanmar for more than 200 years (1558 - 1774).

In 1774, King Kawila of Lampang and King Taksin of Thonburi joined forces against the Burmese to save the nation and finally won independence in 1776, but the city of Chiang Mai was abandoned for 20 years during a period of re-establishment.

    The years between 1784 - 1813 were a time of great change and upheaval for many. The Siamese army and Lanna troops celebrated hard-earned battle

Tri Yaan Na Ros
Clonial House.


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